Hi, y’all.  My name is Nan Franklin.  After a stint in the Navy, I returned to school to earn my teaching license.  I love literature and while writing is occasionally elusive, the blank page never ceases to call to me.  Perhaps my family would say that I’m opinionated; I think I just have a lot on my mind I’d like to share with you.

I have 17 years experience teaching ELA in an urban alternative school, the last 5 as an administrative assistant.  Shakespeare fascinates me endlessly, but sharing that with a young mind drives my very being.  He saw life through a lens unlike many writers and to be able to help a child see/feel/hear those words is enormously satisfying to my soul.

I served two and half years as assistant principal in a modestly sized rural jr./sr high school.  Entering administration was less about “wanting to be the boss” and all about taking a larger responsibility for effecting the lives of more children than I could in the classroom.  I missed teaching and discovered – at least for the environment that I was in – that I liked the hassles of administration MUCH less than as a teacher.

I taught foundation courses for the School of Education at Indiana University – Kokomo. Engaging an adult to bring magic to their own classroom is just as satisfying.

Now I am back to teaching in a non-traditional school part time, helping adults realize their dreams.

My hobbies usually have something to do with dirt: gardening and pottery. I can get lost for hours throwing clay on the wheel, and being in the garden is my primary mental health plan. I read nearly every kind of genre but prefer biographies and good science on how our brain works. Then, there is this blog. Enjoy. Leave comments – meaningful and thoughtful, please.

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