Up From the Tomb

I received a newsletter from a missionary friend who is studying at a Massachusetts seminary. I know Aaron wouldn’t mind that I write about Jesus or even borrow his thought in his newsletter. (He called me brilliant…what a nice guy!!)

Aaron’s main point is this concern: the ratio between input and action for most modern Christians is an abysmal commentary on our passion for Christ.

Aaron says that in our age where we have a huge amount of information available to us that the action we take based on that information is increasingly and shockingly low. Today, we have not just the Bible to inform our knowledge of God and God’s will, but we have an endless number of books, podcasts, sermons – both in person and via audio, subscriptions to automatic feeds daily and weekly of the interpreted Bible.

One would think we are smarter because of it. One would think our actions as Christians would reflect this knowledge.

However, I think the main problem is information overload. Maybe this reticence to act is more about the brain (and maybe the heart) being overwhelmed with too much information. I talk a little bit about our brains ability to take in information in this article. But, here we have not just a cognitive dilemma but moral and ethical dilemma.

Today is Easter 2021. What does that mean for the Christian?

Think about three days ago. Good Friday. Jesus was betrayed by his own people and brutalized in unthinkable ways and though he was as much God as man, he could have said that we just weren’t worth all this. The Evil and sin that were perpetrated on Jesus on that day should have been enough for Him to say, “Forget it. I’m outta here.”

But He didn’t.

He suffered for each one of us – believer or notl.

He took action based on one simple thing. He wanted us to be with Him in Heaven. So He took the unimaginable brutality against his human body anyway, suffering for each one of us.

And, yet what do any one of us do who are believers? You know as well as I do. And, I am ashamed. I’m ashamed that I sit comfortably near my Bible which has grown dusty over the last few weeks in favor of a few snippets of podcasts or websites, a Bible verse here or there and a sermon once a week claiming that I stay in the Word. Claiming that I stay close to my Savior with a few quick prayers. Claiming that I follow His will as I use a stray verse to uplift another believer.

I am convicted.

Maybe the way out is less information. Maybe the way to revitalize my passion for Christ is to keep it simple. A daily read in my physical Bible – a primary document that goes right to the Source. A study of a topic or one of a chapter. Maybe I need to get my journal back out and keep track of my understandings as I read, the applications of the reading and the prayers for those I love.

That’s an action I can take today. I ache for my Savior. I want to be closer to my Jesus and to feel His presence. And so I will. I hastily bring this to an end because I have to get ready for Easter service!

Happy Easter! He is risen!

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A Navy vet, an educator (retired but still working), and a mom of three girls, and two grandsons. Married to the love of my life. Dirt and words. That sums up what gets my attention. Read on and find out why.
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